Yellowstone Whitewater Rafting

RaftingGrade 5 white water rapids assured. Just two hours from Christchurch, within the shadow of the Southern Alps.

With leisure rafting… agility, size and age aren’t an essential issue. All trips are accompanied by a talented information. There are a selection of different day excursions provided with most trips averaging three to five hours. Prices start at $30-$35 per individual with some corporations offering a flat household rate of $a hundred and eighty-$200 per guided raft… accommodating 6 adults and four kids.

Dangers & Security Tips: Coral is sharp and can simply minimize unprotected feet or pores and skin as you sweep by. The little animals that inhabit coral can sting your skin or infect raw spots. Seawater sucks freshwater out of your pores and skin, so staying in too lengthy could cause dehydration. Your snorkle may refill with water just as you take a deep breath. If a storm comes up, causing the water to fill with silt or backskatter, visibility would lower and a snorkeler could get misplaced. Sharks typically lurk on the skin of a reef, since that’s where they feed, and bleeding toes would attract them. Unexpected eddies could push you astray.

Rogue Wilderness Adventures loves working with teams. Be it a family reunion of 60 or a celebration of 12 we’re happy to do no matter it takes to make your journey memorable. Group trips qualify for group pricing in addition to we attempt to give you an unique trip for your group. For scouting, faculties, camps and church groups we do supply special pricing for these teams who’re engaged on strict budgets and attempting to stretch their dollar as far as they can go. We will also extend our insurance coverage rider to your group so that the group has further insurance coverage for his or her river actions. Typically scouting and schools require this rider.

Packing for this trip could be a little difficult. It’s not uncommon to discover a temperature variance of twenty to thirty levels between the western side of the Cascades and the japanese side, and on the Gorge journey that shift in temps can occur in a fifty-mile span. Keep in mind, too, that the Gorge creates its personal wind tunnel, so plan on winds up to thirty miles per hour.