Camping in a Wild Safari - Fun, Thrill and Excitement

Camping in a Wild Safari – Fun, Thrill and Excitement

Camping can be fun, entertaining and exciting experience for you as well as your family members. However, there are many things which you should keep in mind while going for camping in wild safari. Safety is of paramount importance when you consider camping with wild animals and so is the equipment. When you are camping at a place where many wild animals live, you have to take care of food that you possess. Wild animals like bears are highly attracted towards food and can come near your tents in search of food. Thus, go for bear resistant containers. Also, you have to do your cooking a little far away from tents in which you sleep. The reason behind this is that the animals might attack you if they did not find any food. Keeping garbage is also a complete no when you go for camping.

Living in tents can be fun. It brings you close to nature. One can feel the warmth and coziness of mother earth. There are many risks associated with camping in wild safari, but the enjoyment is also manifold. Camping in wild jungles is apt for teenagers to adults. Try not to include children or elders in your camping safari, as they are more vulnerable to disease. It is also very important to get right kind of camping gear when you go for camping. Make sure you have weather proof tents, plenty of food and medical supplies and a reliable communication device. These things form the …

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How to Protect Your Skin From Windburn

How to Protect Your Skin From Windburn

Many people who are attracted to the outdoor activities or riding motorcycles are surprised when they realize they have become a victim of windburn. Thinking that they are safe from the sun as it is cloudy, cold and no longer in the middle of summer, they do not take the same steps needed as when they go into the sun.

The cause of windburn is primarily due to the removal of essential oils called lipids, which normally help to protect your skin from UV rays. When the wind is strong it removes these oils, and exposes your skin to harsh conditions. Skin irritation and redness can occur very quickly, especially in conditions where the UV is magnified. Locations such as in the snow fields, or in the water at the beach, can all cause the UV rays to quickly affect the sensitive areas of your skin such as on the cheeks or lips. Remember that even with cloud cover, UV rays can readily penetrate through and affect your skin in cold weather.

To prevent this from occurring, the use of sunscreen is still preferred since it is readily available and consumer are more likely to have some lying around. Some experts recommend replacing the natural oils that is produced by the body with other products. However, research has shown that if the incorrect oil is used, it may even accelerate the rate at which the skin burns. Before going out, try not to shave as shaving will also remove that …

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