Luxury Travel and the Economy

Luxury Travel and the Economy

With all the concerns people are having about the state of our economy, I was happy to find out that the travel industry is doing well. The luxury travel market has seen a steady increase because now more than ever, everyone needs to get away from it all and relax!

“One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor” as they say, so everyone’s ideas about luxury can be very different. For example, a luxury vacation for you might visit the French Riviera and live in a first-class villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Others may be perfectly happy camping out on a secluded tropical beach counting the stars at night.

Just like it’s a “buyers market” for housing, the travel business has never been in a better position to offer so much for so little. Luxury travel providers are doing their best to lure as many travelers as possible with their deals …

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Cuba Natural Attractions

Cuba Natural Attractions

Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Situated to the south of the USA and the Bahamas, east of Mexico, to the west of Haiti and the Turks and Caicos Islands and north of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Cuba has a great choice of beautiful sandy beaches and attractions. Thousands of people visit Cuba every year for their summer package holidays and for their winter sun holidays.

There are many attractions in Cuba, from the old colonial town of Havana to the Che Guevara Monument at Santa Clara to the vibrant town of Trinidad. Away from the towns, cities and beaches of Cuba there are some amazing natural attractions to explore, including biosphere reserves, national parks, mountain ranges and some stunning valleys with magnificent scenery just waiting to be discovered.

The following are just a few of the many natural attractions …

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Mali – Locations to Go to on Vacation

The Republic of Mali, situated in West Africa, is house to legendary areas which include the city of Timbuktu, the mosque at Djenn?? and the river port Mopti. Mali is part of the Southern Saharan desert and is largely produced up of rolling plains, deserts, Savannah and also the Niger River. This African nation is quickly accessible with flights readily accessible from Paris, Europe and New York. The former French colony is comprised of an enormous array of persons: Bambara, Songhai, Mandinka, Senoufo, Fula, and Dogon. Visiting the Dogons is specifically interesting owing to their cliff-side villages and artistic abilities.

Timbuktu, a name really familiar to everybody but forever a mysterious location, is he celebrated tourist destination in Mali. Its fame hails from its strategic location that became a convergence of camel-caravan routes from West Africa towards Mediterranean given that …

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Best Weekend Getaways In New York

Family GetawaysThere are no hushed voices or palms in your pockets in Kidsylvania – it is all child’s play in PA. Wherever you are within the Keystone State, there is no shortage of household friendly fun.

Visit the Crazy Horse Memorial , which is expected to be the world’s largest mountain carving when it is complete. They even challenge a laser show onto the 5-story stone. Subsequent, head to Custer State Park to see over 1,500 head of buffalo. The first Monday in October they have a buffalo roundup, but you may must make your plans many months in advance.

This is the right getaway for these on the lookout for a romantic upscale, city location, with city gentle views and culture much like New York Metropolis. There are quite a few room decisions, from superior rooms starting from $200 to $300 per night, up to suites ranging from $400 to …

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