KING’s LODGE First Class (Munich, Germany)

First Class HotelGolden Tulip Inns are superior top quality resorts with international standards of consolation, service and services.

The outstanding wooden-paneled breakfast room is one instance of the basic luxurious on the KINGs RESORT First Class. Friendly, attentive, and skilled bartenders will mix a refreshing cocktail or draw you one of five completely different keg beers at the elegant hotel bar. Visitors spherical off the day with a glass of excellent wine and a snack near the hearth at the wine tavern. Room service is obtainable 18 hours a day. The world has a wealth of cafes and restaurants.

We knew the standard would be primary, however salty water out of the dripping rusty faucets and dripping shower, and plaster hanging off the lavatory ceiling falling on you when showering is excessive. One different factor that we found appalling was that our room was not cleaned the last few days, we pay for this service so personally we believe this is disgusting management and laziness of workers, not a unbelievable method of operating a hotel.

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