Khajuraho Travel Guide – Tours and Tourist Attractions in Khajuraho

Khajuraho Travel Guide - Tours and Tourist Attractions in Khajuraho

Khajuraho especially attracts tourists for its temple group. In the Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is located. Famous for its temples and sculptures. The Khajuraho Monument is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This shows the exception of art and workmanship. Usually, the main point of Khajuraho attractions is the temple. Khajuraho temples follow the shikhara style. In these temples, the main deity is placed in a sanctuary in the center of the temple. Initially, it was believed that there were 80 Hindu temples out of which only 22 remained.

We can reach Khajuraho from all over the country by road, train, and air. From Delhi, the location is around 600 kilometers. The nearest airport is Jhansi, where many airlines fly at very cheap prices. The main mode of transportation connecting Khajuraho to remote corners of India is train.

Some important tourist attractions in Khajuraho include

Western Temple Group: This is the largest and richest of all temple groups.

  1. LakhmanaTemple – This is the oldest and best of the western temple group. This temple was named after the ruler who built it.
  2. Kandariya MahadeoTemple – They are one of the greatest works of art in India.
  3. Devi JagdambaTemple – This temple is dedicated to the Goddess (Devi). Garbha griha has a large image of Devi of the Universe also known as Jagdambi.
  4. Chaunsat Yogini – This is the only granite temple in the Khajuraho group.
  5. Chitragupta temple – This temple is dedicated to the Sun God (Sun) and faces east to sunrise.

Eastern Temple Group

  1. ParsvanathTemple – This is famous for its beautiful detailed carvings and is the biggest among the groups.
  2. GhantaiTemple – This is the famous Jain temple.
  3. AdinathTemple – Dedicated to Jain saint, Badrinath.
  4. BrahmaTemple – This is one of the oldest temples of Khajuraho.

Southern Temple Group

  1. DulhadevTemple – It is located south of the Ghantai temple and it is the last temple of Khajuraho.
  2. BeejamandalTemple – Close to Chattarbhuj temple and destroyed temple.
  3. ChattarbhujTemple or The JatkariTemple – This temple was built in 1100A.D. This is famous for its architecture. This temple faces west and must take 10 steps to reach the sanctuary.

Other attractions are the Khajuraho Dance Festival and the Show of Light and Sound in Western temple groups.