21 Issues Flight Attendants Don’t Want You To Know (2)

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I want to be apart of this lawsuit. UOP has constantly hassled me for.money I do not owe. After withdrawing they signed me up for 2 more lessons. My scholar mortgage had withdrawn the cash as a result of I not attemded and they now count on me to pay the 1,600 for outstanding tuition. I’ve sent three dispute letters and virtually two years later I am receiving calls stating I’m federally in default. They have ruined my credit.

Please I want to be a part of the lawsuit. I didn’t log into a brand new 9 week session as a result of I didn’t have $800 to pay for one of the courses so I withdraw. A couple of days later i was emailed by that good for nothing monetary help particular person saying i owe the school $1900. a number of makes an attempt to dispute it over the telephone, they usually have the nerve to inform me that I did read the positive print, after i signed up with the college that i do owe them. these ppl are heartless.

Seniority also impacts the vacation bid. Yearly, pilots bid for their vacations; pilots with extra years of expertise get extra seeks. Senior pilots can get what they need. You would possibly think they might bid for the vacations, but for a pilot who can get a good schedule on the month-to-month bid, this is not much of a difficulty. Bidding for a trip over the vacations could also be extra important to pilots who can’t get their days off on the month-to-month bid.

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