What to Look for in an RV to Make Driving It Easier

It’s natural to be nervous about driving an RV if the only vehicles you’re used to driving are small cars. Even knowing how to drive a minivan or a truck isn’t quite the same. However, with enough practice, you’re sure to discover it’s actually quite relaxing to be on the road in an RV off on an adventure. To make the experience easier for you, ask an RV expert what to look for when you go to buy your first motorhome.

A Small Model

2016_jayco_redhawk_26xd_fre1270961_2Choose a smaller RV that still comfortably fits a group of around four to six. Models from GayleKline RV like the Jayco Greyhawk strike the perfect balance between roomy and small enough to drive comfortably when you’re not used to driving such a large vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of settling for a small camper if you have your heart set on a home-on-wheels, though. While those are perfect for those who take their RVs to camp, there’s a world of difference between those models and the ones with bedrooms, living areas and full bathrooms.

State-of-the-Art Cameras

Backing up is the most difficult part of driving an RV, especially in confined areas. Ask the RV expert about rearview and side view cameras and any type of computerized addition that could make backing up an RV easier for you. Some cameras help you line up perfectly and others help you respond quickly in the event of something unexpected showing up in your RV’s path. These cameras can also prove helpful when driving forward in tight spaces and around corners.

Comfortable Seating

For most RV trips, you can expect to be behind the wheel for hours. If your back hurts or you don’t have room to stretch your legs, you’re more likely to grow irritated and less focused on the road. You’ll spend a lot of time in the driver’s seat, so ask about all the amenities you can purchase to make that seat more comfortable.

While driving an RV isn’t as complicated as you might think, you might feel more comfortable knowing you’ve selected an RV that’s ideal for you as a beginner RV driver. There’s also the option of having your spouse or other family member or friend do the driving for you if you go on a trip together. Once you’ve bought the ideal RV, try driving it around town for a bit before you head out on a long trip to see how comfortable you feel behind the wheel of this large vehicle.