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Tree camping is basically setting up tents and camps with the support of trees. Elk in California is very ideal for this activity since it is filled with coastal redwood trees and also cyprus trees. These trees are tall and strong. These aspects make them archetypal for the job. In tree camping, you have to sleep suspended between tall trees and not on the ground or anywhere. Even though it seems like a very scary and horrible idea for those people that are afraid of heights, it is still a very exciting and amusing activity and has gained ground around the world.


Tree camping is beneficial for the human health. Many people go for camping when they are too tired of the city and want to experience the outside of these buildings, beds and home life without any external distractions.  You might not realise it but this camping is also beneficial for your health and may help you live  a long and healthy life.

When you spend time near trees, it refreshes the mind and also boosts the immune system etc. when one turns off their laptops and phones when going out for camping, it also helps in socializing and boosts the mental health of one. Also, reducing the factor of social anxiety in one.


The only basic tool you need is a tent. Make sure you have a strong and and durable tent that has some good space. You might also need things like a blanket, sleeping bags and pillows etc for more luxury.