Travelling Also Can Be Beautiful And Unforgettable Memories

gbr2-artikel-4nop2016-srTravelling as a tourist destination is eliminate fatigue or boredom mind because of the routine work that is in need of energy and thoughts are very large. Basically, psychologically, everyone needs a travel. By doing a tour, you can always fresh after doing a lot of dizzying activity in the office or at home.

The destination that will be traveled is the atmosphere of the mountains or the beach. In tropical areas, tours with mountain atmosphere sought the cool air is clean with Nature trees. Tourist activity in the mountains is relaxing with a bath in the hot springs, jogging, horseback riding, camping, hiking, downhill and just take pictures with a backdrop of trees.

The beach is one of captivating tourist destination suitable for families or a group of employees of a company. The beauty of tourist objects different shades travel the mountains, the beach has a lot of joy. We can do a lot of fun at the beach, playing, hanging out with family, eat together, or just enjoy the beauty of the waves wonderful romp.

Some activities that can be done on the beach. So when ogbr-artikel-4nop2016-srn vacation at the beach, no longer confused to determine what can be done on the beach. Among them are playing in the sand, sunbathing, swimming and playing water, water sports, dining seafood, looking for inspiration or to take pictures.

Outing or gathering held by a company usually prefers to travel seaside atmosphere because a lot of fun activities that can be held to strengthen unity among employees, both staff and management.

It’s a bit of writer’s personal experience while attending a gathering of the company by doing Kuta Bali travel. Information about this beach beauty element, white sand, surfing sport that is not too dangerous for beginners and can’t be denied that the current atmosphere of Sunset. Finally, the choice is determined Kuta Bali as a tourist destination.

Kuta Bali in its development, became famous after the last book by Hugh Mahbett entitled Praise to Kuta. The book makes an invitation to local people to set up facilities to support the development of tourist excursions in Bali’s Kuta Beach. Through the book, the discourse about the tourism facilities are already being developed. Construction of lodging, restaurants and entertainment venues on the upswing.

In the modern era, and on the advice of some of the perpetrators of tourism in Bali, the development of tourist spots of Kuta beach in Bali is getting increasingly widespread. Five-star hotels, large shopping malls, five-star restaurant has a lot of built in Area beach. Therefore, if you travel to Bali, if you do not visit Kuta Bali there seems to be lacking.

Since that time, I was as one of the organizers of the event as an organizer and regulator of all activities on the beach, so all went well. Starting from the provision of accommodation, transport, equipment for activities shore up food and drink should already be well prepared.

And most coincidence, there is our friend wants to give a surprise, that ask to be married to his girlfriend on the beach at sunset. With some discussions with him, we will provide all the equipment to support the event so that the atmosphere is romantic and unforgettable taste.

Finally, we are coordinating with all staff and leaders to come together to surprise the lovers of the company’s employees. We provide also a piece of cake to be handed to the women slipped a ring, and a written “Will you marry me?” on the cake. Events proposal of marriage at the time of the sunset there at the threshold of the beach. Thanks God, the request is received by the women and the atmosphere is romantic sunset.

My friend was, finally say thank you very much for our help in launching the event that proposal to his girlfriend. And he said, “Memories that will not be forgotten in Kuta Bali”.