Top 5 Vacation Planning Tips

Top 5 Vacation Planning Tips

Planning a vacation but haven’t quite exercised the facts? Here are five vacation planning tips every new traveler should know.

#1 – Start with the “What”, Not the “Where”

Destinations don’t make or break vacations–activities do. No matter how exotic the positioning, it’s not going to feel as if much of a vacation if you’re not having fun.

Think of how you would like to spend your vacation and create a set of your “must-do” activities. Use the list to define your destination and hotel choices depending on your recreational needs. You’re more likely to have a good time if everything you want to do is conveniently located.

#2 – Do Your Homework

Sites like Expedia and Orbitz ensure it is easy to book cheap travel packages, but these packages don’t necessarily provide you with the best value for your money. There are generally a lot of restrictions on these packages (e.g., travel dates, modifications, cancelations, etc.) as well as the prices are often suggestive of the grade of the accommodations.

Take some time to look into every facet of your holiday–not only the price–or you may get buyer’s remorse. Ultimately, the top vacation deals are those that best suit your needs and expectations in terms of quality, flexibility, and price.

#3 – Timing is Everything

Every destination has a peak and off-peak seasons. During peak season, there are many more consumers vying for similar services and accommodations. Due to the increased demand, you must handle higher prices, larger crowds, and fewer attentive staff.

During the off-peak season, these service providers are starving for business. You can save big money on the package and you are practically guaranteed better service.

#4 – Plan Ahead

The sooner you commence planning your trip the greater. A lot of research switches into planning an incredible vacation, so allow yourself sufficient time.

Also, the further ahead of time you book your reservations the better the rates and also the wider picking of available flights, rooms/cabins, and rental cars. Most reservations systems will accept bookings around 11 months in advance.

#5 – Use a Free Vacation Planning Service

Believe it or not, some travel specialists offer free vacation planning services as a method of adding value because of their clients. A good travel agent will save you time, money and by:

 Researching the very best destination for your interests, budget and travel dates Finding you the lowest prices for flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals and activities Providing you with helpful information about the places you will be traveling Offering flexible installment plans for holiday packages

The neat thing is, getting provided at simply no additional cost to you.


Whether you’re traveling only a few miles or halfway worldwide, placing little thought to your trip can make a difference. Figure out what you would like to do, the best place and time to do it, then get moving putting things in motion.

Happy travels!