The Real Differences Between Platonic Love And Romantic Love


Love is so different each time. With some people, it lifts you up in the sky; with others, it just gives you ease of mind and confidence about everything you do, which is good as well. Those who seek the true feelings and apply for mature love dating for over 50 usually appear to be tired of the false relationships they’ve had in the past. It’s quite possible they’ve happened to experience platonic love, yet lacked some romance or passion as a couple and thus, decided to move on. Or, visa versa, there could have been lots of passion but not enough ‘durability’ in the relationships. In other words, they looked for a platonic or a romantic type of love in order to change the established order of things. And as one knows, there are, normally, lots of differences between the two.

  • Platonic love involves no fear of fights. Romantic love is all about compromises.

Naturally, platonic feelings have nothing to break and so, fear no conflicts. One can just turn the world upside down and then, in some couple, of minutes sit calmly next to their friend and hug them. No one takes real offense; it is treated as a normal state of things.

Romantic love is something that is more elevated and sincere. You’ll try to avoid quarrels by all means. Instead, you’ll think of your partner’s feelings and will do everything to find a compromise. It’s not just you anymore, it’s you and your second half together.

  • Platonic love is being straightforward. Romantic love is sparing the other person’s feelings.

When you are in the platonic relationships, you may just be truthful and straightforward with your partner all the time and even tell the things that may hurt. You never carry a luggage of secrets with you, you always tell it as it is, for you know that your friend will digest it all anyways.

Romantic love is a different thing. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to lie to keep your beloved one safe. You simply try to transform your words into something milder and less sharp. Sparing the other person’s feelings is all you can think about.

  • Platonic love is ‘bulletproof’. Romantic love is sensitive and emotional.

If we compare the two types of love once again, platonic feelings almost always have a sturdy background, which can easily take any impact and remain whole. No matter what surprises the world has prepared, these relationships will stay the same.

Romance, in the meantime, is delicate and sensitive. You have a very strong emotional connection with your partner, yet that connection should never be subjected to trials. You just need to cherish what you have and be grateful for what the life has given to you. As long as you do that, you’ll be happy.

Romantic and platonic love are two inherent parts of human nature and we all experience them. However, there are differences between the two one should keep in mind.