The Future Of Waste Management

Laughing PlanetGod, in the event you believe in him, has not often been known to intervene in human affairs outdoors of the biblical time-scale nonetheless that should not imply he does not have nice plans for us. Having created us within the first place he should certainly have given us a future to fulfil. Maybe he is working behind the scenes to help put this into practice. The world didn’t end in 2012 and the human race nonetheless has a chance to continue on into the long run.

So, this all started final yr. I started hating being human. I hated belonging to the human race. I felt unhealthy for doing all the things humans do. You know, having to eat, drink, have all this stuff to outlive, like roofs over our heads, and…properly I am sure you perceive what I mean. I believed I used to be an Indigo, however now I am not sure whether I am an Indigo or a Star particular person. Both means I am one in every of you all.

Two weeks in the past I had a deep trance studying with April Crawford (you can google her), where she goes into trance and her spirit guides takes over to present you a studying. The Spirit information advised me that I as an Inter-Dimensional being who was asked to be born human at this time to help with earths ascension. She said it was not my choice to come back here, therefore why I dislike a lot being within the linear. I’m imagined to be one among 100 or so highly evolved beings that hold the vortex’s open, then there are tens of millions of others who are right here for various duties and many others. All very uncomfortable beings yearning to return dwelling.

I’m interested in the energy forecast you spoke of. Are there any assets you may direct me to? As of late I’ve been making an attempt to focus my consideration on ascension. I’ve been targeted on a Gnostic approach. I am greater than keen to share anything I provide you with. At the identical time I am open and involved in any ideas or direction anyone else have? Love to listen to from you all.

It appears as though in the past (think Mayans and Eygptian cultures) that aliens have somewhat helped the human race to advance by means of agriculture and know-how. There are a whole lot of discoveries and old text that discuss gods coming down from the skys and serving to historical civilizations to advance in knowledge. Attention-grabbing discoveries just like the bagdad battery, the dropa stones and historical pictures and carvings of planes, light bulbs, and many others. lead solution to the belief that aliens would almost definitely assist fairly than destroy us.