Suggestions For Whitewater Rafting Newbies

Big Creek ExpeditionThis fall I’ll be finishing the scenery around Large Thunder Creek, a major scene on the Thunder Mesa part of the railroad.

Jack Smith was taken prisoner and then murdered. One little youngster 3 months old was thrown within the feed box of a wagon and brought one days march and there left on the bottom to perish. Col. Tappan is after them for all that is out. I am making out a report of all from the beginning to end, to send to Gen’l Slough, in hopes that he can have the thing investigated, and if you ought to see him, please converse to him about it, for fear that he has forgotten me. I shall write him nothing however what might be confirmed.

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Here’s the stone arch painted and blended into the encircling rock-work. The Balsa Foam carvings are painted in shades to match the encircling surroundings utilizing artist’s acrylics. An undercoat of Buff Titanium (a very gentle tan) is brushed on to seal the carving and represent mortar. A stiffer brush is then used to dry-brush Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber on to the faces of the stones. Finally, a really skinny wash of Carbon Black was brushed over all to darken and blend everything collectively.