In writing a book or Write My Essay or scientific work there is often inevitable mistakes. These errors usually occur because of the less scrupulous when writing a book, or even ignorance of the rules of good grammar and correct. This paper will describe the technical mistakes in writing books and fixes. What are the mistakes often write books by the author? To learn more about writing error and correct it, we can listen to the discussion below.


1. Write a word forward

Mistake in writing a book or scientific work that often occurs is the misuse of the word, is no exception preposition. Undeniably, this error is most often found. This can occur due to inaccuracy or misunderstanding about the difference prefixes and use of prepositions. Usually the preposition “in” and “to” are not written separately to the word pointed to the spot. Meanwhile, writing uo “be” for example, it is written separately.

To avoid this error, the writer needs to understand the context of prepositions and affixes. Written affixes serialized as conjunctions. Examples of the use of the suffix among others written, enjoyable, read, published, and others. Meanwhile, the next word refers more to the point. It should be understood, too, that the writing of the word “which” remains triad, because the word is a

morpheme in context refers to the question words. The word “which” should also not be used in a sentence or word to describe a statement.

To avoid frequent errors in the writing of prepositions and affixes, the author needs to get used to write correctly. When he writes, should write accordance with the rules directly. If an error occurs, the authors should directly improve the writing before writing any further. So the authors do not need to fix error in writing after the writing is completed. This error usually overlooked, or writer is lazy to fix a technical writing for the substance has been completed.

2. Placing punctuation

Although rarely observed and ignored, the laying of the lack of proper punctuation also be a mistake to be avoided. All punctuation, either a period (.), Comma (,), exclamation mark (!), The question mark (?), Hyphens (-), and parentheses (…) must be placed correctly in a sentence. Punctuation is often not appropriate for their space that is actually not necessary. Writing punctuation is glued together with the last letter of a word without the added space, also on the repeated words using hyphens.

3. Writing capital letters

Errors in write capital letters often is the result of laziness author. Usually write capital letters are ignored because the authors focus on the completion of writing. He will be busy writing down word for word in his writings as a whole without regard to the writing of letters. In other words, he felt the need to resolve the substance of writing first, and then forgot to edit again the words that should be capitalized.

In addition to the substance of the article, writing capital letters the title is also noteworthy. It should be noted again that there are words that are not written in capital letters in the headline. The word “in”, “of”, “to”, “to”, and other function words need not be written in capital letters in the title. But the use of the word duty in the initial position to keep using capital letters.

Error writing the above should be avoided by increasing accuracy in writing. It would be better if the author quickly replaced with the correct writing when he makes a mistake. In addition, the structure of writing, quote, writing a bibliography, and consistency of writing has also become an important part that must be considered when writing.