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Minimizing the quantity of gas wanted within the buoyancy compensator can minimize the buoyancy fluctuations with adjustments full. this will be achieved by appropriate selection of ballast weight, that should be the minimum to allow neutral buoyancy with depleted gas offers at the prime of the dive except there’s AN operational demand for larger detrimental buoyancy throughout the dive.

Dive Site Survey. In relation to planning, take the time to acquaint yourself with pertinent dive website info together with water temperature, climatic conditions, depth profile, underwater attractions and notable marine creatures that you are more more likely to cross paths with. If it’s a night dive you might be pursuing, conduct an preliminary dive through the day. This will show you how to prepare for eventualities and set up scuba gear to meet the conditions of the dive site.

The buoyancy compensator (BC) have to be rinsed in and out. After utterly rinsing off the surface of BC the bladder must washed out. This is very important and doubtless probably the most missed step in the preventive upkeep of your scuba gear. First drain out any salt water trapped in bladder. Then put some fresh water in bladder and shake vigorously letting water run out of mouthpiece. Repeat this course of 2 or three times. Make sure all water is out of bladder.