Diving for Carcasses in Coron - History of Meeting Marine Life

Diving for Carcasses in Coron – History of Meeting Marine Life

Wreck diving is basically two achievements in one: underwater diving skills and the achievement of discovering history. On the Philippine islands, Coron offers one of the most unique and tangible experiences to see lush aquatic life with life after death at sea. Forbes magazine even called the island “a world-class dive site”. Only a unique blend of history and sea can create such a beautiful diving experience.

One of the valuable natural tourist destinations in the country

The Municipality of Coron is located on the islands of Busuanga in the province of Palawan, one of the valuable natural tourist destinations in the country – the last edge of virginity of the forest and sea. Sangat Beach is a quiet little place off a rocky beach that serves as a basis for diving shipwrecks. Coron Bay will make many discoveries because the wreck is beautifully covered and protected by the calm sea.

Wreck diving in Coron

The dive guide knows where to find rare animals and will eagerly direct them to you. Shipwrecks are marked with buoys and dives must be planned accordingly. Controlled diving is very important, as well as experienced guides. Wreck diving in Coron is a full day trip, even more, if you plan to see more than one accident.

Historical Japanese Supply Ship

In 1944, about 24 Japanese supply ships had tried to take shelter and take cover on the islands to escape the attacks of US fighter planes. These ships, which were intended to strengthen Japan’s grip on the country, were unfortunately detected by US surveillance or intelligence. The planes from Task Force 38 have succeeded in sinking most of these giant ships. Now they can be admired underwater, where they have been lying for sixty years. Fourteen shipwrecks are known places, and all are in …

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Cool Travel Destinations in South India

Cool Travel Destinations in South India

Bangalore is a cool tourist destination located in the south east of South India. This is the capital of the state of Karnataka. Its pleasant climate, beautiful gardens and beautiful gardens make you have a pleasant trip. Bangalore is not only for tourists but also for students. Yes This is the hottest destination for education and career. It is the center of researchers and many students from various countries and cities. Bangalore has many historical monuments and you have many sightseeing too. The city is surrounded by many lakes and parks. This article will give you a brief introduction about various tourist attractions in Bangalore.

Historical monument:

Vidhana Soudha:

This is a magnificent structured building that was built in 1956. It is the administrative building of the Karnataka state government. This is the home of the state secretariat and legislature. It is a magnificent building that symbolizes the strength and dignity of the people. On every Sunday, the building looks amazing with illuminations.

Sultan Tipu Palace:

Located near victor victor road in Bangalore. Teak wood with floral designs adds beauty to the walls and ceiling. It has two storey structures. This palace was used as an administrative office by the British after the death of Tipu Sultan. You can visit the palace from Thursday to Saturday but the entry is based on ticket availability.

Bangalore Palace:

Bangalore Palace is located in Guttahalli in Bengaluru. It was built by Maharaja of Mysore in 1887. The palace has spread over an area of 430 acres. It is surrounded by a garden and its gracefully carved woodwork. It is ultimately a beautiful palace and a great monument of Bangalore. Besides historical spots, Bangalore has museums with ancient galleries. Let us see the peculiar things about the museums established in Bangalore below



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Mackinac Island Travel Information

Mackinac Island Travel Information

Mackinac Island is one of those vacations that you have to take at least one time. There is such a peaceful feeling when you step off of the ferry and on Mackinac Island dock. You can take Sheplers ferry, Starline Ferry or Arnolds ferry and have a fantastic ride over to the Island. Sit on the upper deck and see the beautiful views or sit on the bottom deck in the enclosed cabin.

When you step off the ferry you will smell the sweet aroma of fudge and be drawn to the fudge shops like Ryba’s fudge, Murdick’s Fudge, or May’s candy shop. There is a total of six fudge shops on the island. There are also many shops to visit while you walk downtown. Pick up a souvenir, t-shirt or a toy for your little one. The shops are filled with many neat items, and you will find something that you can’t live without.

After you are done exploring downtown there is Fort Mackinac. The Fort is one of my family’s favorite historical places to visit. Everything comes to life when you enter the fort. You will hear rifles firing, cannon balls, and see solder’s in action. It is very interesting to watch what happened back then and to explore the buildings that are apart of the fort.

The Grand Hotel is another nice place to visit. It is a historical hotel that was one of the firsts on the island. You can tour the hotel for a charge, but it is worth it to see. Go out to the garden and if you paid to tour the Fort, then you can go to the Fort Mackinac Tea Room for lunch in the Grand Hotel.

There are no vehicles on the island so you will have to take a …

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Original Tourism For Tourists in Thailand

Original Tourism For Tourists in Thailand

Thailand has received media attention and has made headlines in international newspapers for almost two months in 2010, with red shirt protests demanding the prime minister’s resignation and dissolution of parliament. After the protest ended, the country was safe to visit again. The following six highly recommended initial visits are worth following:

Enjoying an eco-adventure cruise on the Chao Phraya river, aboard a traditional teak barge from Bangkok to Ayuthaya is a great idea for those who don’t want to go too far from the capital and eat delicious Thai food on board. Stopping along the road allows tourists to take a bicycle trip and learn about the villagers’ way of life.

Riding elephants and rafting in a nature reserve in the Umphang National Park is a very pleasant experience and a favorite visit of many tourists who want to be close to nature. Many activities in the midst of greenery are possible such as trekking in a stunning environment and the long journey of an elephant in the forest is a kind of adventure as is the descent of a river on a bamboo raft.

Scuba diving in the deep waters of Turtle Island, located in the Gulf of Siam, in the north of Samui Island is another option for scuba divers who want to enjoy the beautiful seabed with colorful fish and corals. Snorkeling is also a good possibility for those who have not yet taken a scuba diving course and other possible activities such as touring the island in a break room with a stop over at Ko Nang Yuan, an island with 3 beach arms shaped like stars and the sea on all sides.

Participating in an ecological adventure tour around the Khao Laem lake in Kantchanaburi, a few hours from the capital, is a great …

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Luxury Travel and the Economy

Luxury Travel and the Economy

With all the concerns people are having about the state of our economy, I was happy to find out that the travel industry is doing well. The luxury travel market has seen a steady increase because now more than ever, everyone needs to get away from it all and relax!

“One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor” as they say, so everyone’s ideas about luxury can be very different. For example, a luxury vacation for you might visit the French Riviera and live in a first-class villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Others may be perfectly happy camping out on a secluded tropical beach counting the stars at night.

Just like it’s a “buyers market” for housing, the travel business has never been in a better position to offer so much for so little. Luxury travel providers are doing their best to lure as many travelers as possible with their deals and specials. I would suggest taking advantage of this by visiting a new and exciting location that you have always wanted to explore.

After you have chosen a destination, the next step is to figure out your travel budget, which will assure that you will have the best possible experience without wiping you out financially. Whatever your passion may be, there are a multitude of travel options for you that will fit any budget.

Now you are ready to begin your research process! What mode of transportation will you need? If traveling internationally by air, do you have a current passport? What kind of accommodations would you like? When you arrive at your destination, what type of activities and excursions will be available for you to enjoy?

These are just a few major points to consider when you begin your quest for the perfect luxury vacation. Careful planning when putting …

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