Packing For A Motorcycle Tour

Bike TravelMy 1st ever bicycle tour was a 1500 mile understanding curve. I’d read the blogs, trawled the net for advice, bought a bicycle touring how-to guide and spent endless hours organizing the trip. With the self-assurance of a man who felt ready, I loaded up my bike and hit the road. It did not take long to encounter the 1st of ten avoidable errors that hindered my tour. I’d like to share these blunders with you so that your own tour takes you along a smoother road than mine.

The rear rack on my bike is a Nitto Campee with removable lowrider panels, to which we attached a set of Carradice panniers, whilst using the rack’s platform to help a Sackville SaddleSack. These bags plus the Carradice saddlebag on the Co-Habitant’s Surly contained our clothing, bedding and laptops. My Ostrich handlebar bag contained camera gear, electronics and numerous other miscellaneous things. Almost everything was packed quite tightly, and I estimate that my bicycle weighed around one hundred lb when all was stated and completed.

In addition, Darren is the celebrated author of The Bicycle Touring Blueprint ” and now coaches people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds so they may have a safe, profitable and enjoyable bicycle touring adventure of their own, following his teaching, guidelines and shortcuts. The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” has sold more than ten,000 copies given that it’s release and this distinctive at-house study guide specifics almost everything you need to know in order to conduct a bicycle tour of your really personal. The book is just the world’s ideal step-by-step guide to bicycle touring, handed to you on a silver platter!

A frame-mount bolt-on receiver is an adjustable receiver that merely bolts onto the RV’s frame. Since it is adjustable, it can accommodate numerous most frames and is a lot stronger than those mounted on the bumper. Installation is mostly dependent on how the RV manufacturer mounted the rear bumper. An below-the-bumper mount is the most common but you will have to make sure there is adequate ground clearance. Most hitch companies offer a frame mounted receiver. You can carry two bicycles safely with this set up and not have to worry about damage.

I eliminate the saddle and remove the clamps and screws that hold the folds of the bike. The only further factor I then do is to tightly tie some heavy duty rope among the frame and the front wheel as you can see from the image. This is an added step to further secure the bike fold and guarantees that the plastic hook that keeps the front wheel attached to the frame is not over strained.