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One thing Special: Dalk was always a quick learner, but things he did not care for by no means caught. Due to that he is not expert in several areas(Swords, smithing, magic, ect.) which might generally present a handicap. In the abilities that he cares for(Alchemy, daggers, archery, cooking, ect.) he exals at and learns shortly. Although nonetheless a rookie in most areas, he plans on mastering them for his new life.

And no matter occurred to Elesfat, the Thalmor Justicar, you ask? Effectively, he by no means forgot about his defeat at the hands of the Orsimer. He had moved onto simpler prey, Talos worshippers to punish. But his grudge with Balzak remained and after a few years of begging the Thalmor bureaucracy, he finally was granted a small army to punish the orc stronghold that attacked him.

Habits & Quirks : Jerome is an adept, expert Field/Outdoor Alchemist, and is at all times looking for plants and flowers to experiment or make known potions with, and so he picks up ingredients every time he can. He additionally likes to collect butterflies and other small creatures in jars, maybe as some type of companion, as Jerome’s life is a lonely one.

SAN ANTONIO SPACE:..We have now 2 docs I know of. 1) Sensible Method Pediatrics and Pediatric Dentistry with Dr Adetona. He also didn’t try to retract. 2) in Selma, Dr. Gloria Wright (Household Pracitce, DO). Not vax pleasant (simply did not push us/ told me to not leave the nation without revisiting the difficulty); intact and Breastfeeding pleasant. We see her an I really like her so far.