Original Tourism For Tourists in Thailand

Original Tourism For Tourists in Thailand

Thailand has received media attention and has made headlines in international newspapers for almost two months in 2010, with red shirt protests demanding the prime minister’s resignation and dissolution of parliament. After the protest ended, the country was safe to visit again. The following six highly recommended initial visits are worth following:

Enjoying an eco-adventure cruise on the Chao Phraya river, aboard a traditional teak barge from Bangkok to Ayuthaya is a great idea for those who don’t want to go too far from the capital and eat delicious Thai food on board. Stopping along the road allows tourists to take a bicycle trip and learn about the villagers’ way of life.

Riding elephants and rafting in a nature reserve in the Umphang National Park is a very pleasant experience and a favorite visit of many tourists who want to be close to nature. Many activities in the midst of greenery are possible such as trekking in a stunning environment and the long journey of an elephant in the forest is a kind of adventure as is the descent of a river on a bamboo raft.

Scuba diving in the deep waters of Turtle Island, located in the Gulf of Siam, in the north of Samui Island is another option for scuba divers who want to enjoy the beautiful seabed with colorful fish and corals. Snorkeling is also a good possibility for those who have not yet taken a scuba diving course and other possible activities such as touring the island in a break room with a stop over at Ko Nang Yuan, an island with 3 beach arms shaped like stars and the sea on all sides.

Participating in an ecological adventure tour around the Khao Laem lake in Kantchanaburi, a few hours from the capital, is a great way to experience nature and spend the night in a floating house. Tours can be done by bicycle, motorbike or mini-van before riding a boat on the lake. Tourists can also experience rural tourism in the countryside using a wooden train made of wood pulled by bulls and a trip to find rare fauna and birds that live on tropical vegetation.

The discovery of Pai and the Lahu, Lisu and Karen minorities in Northern Thailand by motocross is an adventure that motorcyclists will not want to miss by stopping in tribal villages, and natural discovery is still well preserved in this region. Thailand. Pai is a very popular destination in the North and there is a four hour curve to reach places from Chiang Mai.

Enjoying a popular four-day mountain bike route from the hills of Chiang Dao to the Mae Kok river is the ultimate adventure trip for sports. Cycling allows visitors to see more about the lives of villagers while passing through beautiful settings and there are many valleys and landscapes to explore.

These 6 travel ideas are examples of unforgettable tours that can be enjoyed in this country. Thailand has a lot to offer visitors who want more than traditional visits to temples, sunbathing on the beach or visiting a busy floating market.