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Scuba DivingFebruary in Belize falls firmly throughout the dry season, and it has more persistently dry climate though Northers still are available in on a regular basis, keeping the humidity in test. Temperatures are nonetheless comfy and delicate through the day in the high-70s and low-80s, however at evening they’ll grow to be considerably cooler. The trade winds blow usually, making this month ideal.

Scuba Diving Course akan membawa anda ke dunia baru yang menyajikan warna-warni baru, mahluk hidup beraneka ragam, serta tekstur alam yang menakjubkan. Siapapun anda, jadilah seorang Scuba Diver, isi liburan anda dengan menyelam/ Scuba Diving Course ditempat yang penuh kedamaian, niscaya energi batin anda akan pulih kembali, serta membawa semangat baru untuk berkarya dalam hidup anda.

Pool Periods. Integrated with classroom instruction are fingers-on skills trainings that are carried out in a swimming pool. In most situations, two-thirds of a daily session (classroom + pool) are dedicated to pool coaching the place the newbie is endeavored to check out the diving skills previewed from classroom periods; to simulate open water circumstances and grasp pertinent diving abilities together with swimming, masks removing, buoyancy expertise, scuba tools dealing with and emergency troubleshooting abilities.

San Pedro Nolasco Island , sometimes referred to as Seal Island, is a small and rugged Mexican island in the Gulf of California. It’s 4.2 km long by 1 km extensive, and lies 15 km from the nearest level of the Mexican coast and about 28 km west of the resort town of San Carlos on the coast of the Sonoran Desert. The island is protected as a nature reserve and its coastal waters are well referred to as a sport fishing and diving site.

Magdalena Bay — a good looking little protected cove on the southeast corner of the island. The water depths contained in the bay are shallow, making it a wonderful web site for novice divers and snorkelers. Consistent water readability and amazing bio-variety provide even essentially the most advanced divers an unforgettable experience. The gravel seaside appears to be a favourite resting place with the sea lions. Giant numbers of sea lion pups, guarded by a dominant male will be noticed throughout the summer time months.