June Gloom

The month of June in the northern hemisphere is expected to have glorious weather. School is out, summer is starting and things are starting to get interesting. Logically, it’s time to blow off some steam and take a trip. San Diego sounds like a great place for your end of school trip. Beautiful beaches and perfect weather while still in the continental United States.

On first glance, that appears like a guaranteed winner of a trip. Not so fast. During the months of May and June, San Diego has absolutely atrocious weather that is completely inconsistent. The weather in May is “May Grey” while June has the more ominous “June Gloom.” All day, every day is not miserable. No, not at all. The sun valiantly tries to come out and visit, but frequently just can’t get over the hump. At this time of year, its suggested to remove San Diego from your list of fun beach vacation spots until the end of the month.

Chances are you probably will see the sun if you take a beach vacation to San Diego or southern California at this time of year. In general, the area feels sad for these times. Forgive the comparison, but it almost reminds me of Baltimore in November. Of course, its warmer in San Diego and it is infinitely more scenic and generally still more pleasant than the east coast.

The beaches are beautiful all year round. The people are great and it’s a nice place to be. Where did the sun go? It has something to do with the marine layer and whether or not it burns off. The headline on the front page of the San Diego Tribune today was “Mother Nature hates us; ‘June gloom’ to last all week”. That might be a bit over the top, but I agree with the sentiment.

In general, this weather phenomena never made it to my ears while I lived on the east coast. It seems so utterly ridiculous that the two months most associated with great weather are dreaded in San Diego. However, it is true. I would hate to fly across the country or the world and not get any time on the beach.