Ideas From A Baggage Handler

Bike TravelFor these that know me – they know that I like a bike that can handle lengthy days in the saddle on rough roads. Specialized has a excellent bike for these types of adventures in the Tri-Cross but know they are going into the gravel racing/endurance events with the Specialized AWOL. Though there is not a lot of info out about them at the moment, I am hoping they will have them at the upcoming demo days so I can maybe go AWOL on 1 Friday evening right after perform!

The wheels have Bike Friday’s hubs, equipped with a Shimano Capreo cassette, produced specifically for modest-wheeled bikes like Moulton, Brompton, or Bike Friday. The inner workings are supposed to be fairly equivalent to other Shimano cassettes, but the specific cassette physique requires a tiny 9-tooth cog. The rear derailleur is Shimano Tiagra – economical, however shifts like any great Shimano derailleur – and it was available in a traditional-hunting silver alloy finish.

The padded hardshell case is created by B&W (they contact it the Clapton Box ) and is not technically a Brompton-sanctioned product. However, it fits the bike completely and is sold by a number of retailers as a Brompton accessory. I purchased mine from Clever Cycles , and I know NYCE Wheels sells them as properly. There is some debate as to no matter whether the hard case vs the Brompton B-Bag is preferable for airplane travel. Primarily based on my own expertise with international travel, I prefer to use a difficult case.

I am extremely excited about the season. By the finish of next week we will have 3 of our leading guides back in town. In May we will have a few new guides going by way of instruction and obtaining ready for the season. Living and functioning a seasonal life has been a great experience. Being capable to commit time with folks who are here to spend time outdoors and on the water has often been fulfilling. These days I am in the shop far more than on the water but I nonetheless can’t complain. I am surround by great staff and get to live in a beautiful location. Plus my job is sharing the beauty of the San Juan Islands with you.

How does this all come with each other? Colin has been traveling and riding in Southeast Asia for years. I am a recent convert to the trails in Thailand. In our time traveling in the region we have developed relationships with local riders that we operate with to offer effectively rounded encounter. Our regional contacts will operate with us to facilitate all our shuttle demands on the mountain plus give a neighborhood guide for all rides. The riding neighborhood in Chiang Mai is remarkable and you will enjoy the chance to ride with the local shredders.