Family Adventure Vacation to Parks with a Collection of Wild Animals in Indonesia

Taman SafariOne of the Family Adventure Vacations is viewed directly of wild animals in one area parks arranged such that resembles the habitat of the animal itself. By driving their own vehicle or bus that has been provided by the operator, can see firsthand and close to wild animals that are kept in the park. For animals herbivore, could feed directly on the animals’. The introduction of animal species to the child as an enjoyable experience in the form of a family vacation is one of the best choices.

If indeed there is a Family Vacation to Indonesia, do not forget to visit the place with a collection of animals with various kinds, from the herbivore to omnivore, namely in the area of West Java, about 70 Km from the city of Jakarta, Taman Safari Garden. With a garden that has been laid out according to the habitat of each animal and has been maintained in accordance with their needs, animals with healthy living.

To make more fun this adventure vacation, direct contact with the plant-eating animals (herbivores), which provide food directly to animals is an exciting experience for children. Plants or vegetables to feed the animals can be purchased directly at the places that have been provided. But to enter the area of the wild beasts, for the sake of security, is not allowed at all to feed or just eject the limbs out of the vehicle.

There is another interesting event, met with the orangutan, one of the animals that exist only in Indonesia, the original habitat in Borneo. Orangutans are trained to meet or regular direct contact with humans. So with Orangutan, can do the handshake, hug or pictures taken together with the orangutan, since orangutans are already familiar with humans, but still accompanied by the animal tamer as a precaution in case of things that are unexpected.

On any given day, usually a holiday weekend, there is an elephant show. With the animal tamer, elephants do interesting attractions, such as playing ball, marching, standing on two legs, and many attractions of the cute elephant tamer animal will be displayed. The performances are fun for the kids at the weekend with family. With Elephants as a vehicle, or a walk around the park by riding elephants can also make a memorable experience for children.

Besides adventure vacation with wild animals, there are many more places to provide toys for children, such as water boom and so forth.

On the weekend, the road to the tourist attractions are usually extremely jammed. To achieve these attractions are only 70 km from Jakarta, could take three hours, even more. So that does take time and are not stuck in traffic, it is better to stay at a resort that is in an area with tourist attractions, the Royal Safari Garden Resort & Convention. Price of rooms at royal safari garden is not too expensive and still affordable than staying in hotels in Jakarta which may be stuck in traffic.