EVOC Bike Travel Bag Overview

Bike TravelThe EVOC Bike Travel Bag is ready for all of your trips by plane, auto, train or boat. Much better nonetheless, your bike can be stowed safely within the bag in just minutes. Only the handlebar, pedals and wheels want to be dismounted. A clever belt program inside the bike bag keeps all parts held firmly in location even though the robust padding and rubber reinforcements safeguard fragile components such as the drivetrain, fork and dropouts. EVOC’s reinforced wheel pockets supply sufficient room for hefty 2.5” downhill tires as properly as improved structure to the bag itself. The wide footprint offers stability whilst the smooth-operating wheels and conveniently placed handles make the EVOC Bike Travel Bag really straightforward and comfortable bike case to use.

My wife became obsessed with this bag right after our last trip when we spent $700 for two bikes. We have a Tri all three box, and a Seris clam shell box. I was trying to find the Aerus bag, but was having no luck. I contacted Blue Competition Cycles who was producing the Aerus bag. The rep informed me that they had been no longer creating the bag, but that Swift Carbon is creating a bag called the Ochrana which is almost the same bag.

Pull behind trailers composed of aluminum are rugged and are built to final under intense conditions. Units are aero-dynamic and makes it possible for interior contents to breathe more effortlessly. Aluminum trailers weigh less than fiberglass trailers and typically have room for extra storage on the interior, as nicely as on the exterior. Most haulers are equipped with storage racks that are ideal for strapping coolers or other products on top. Additionally, these units close very easily regardless of the outside temperature.

update: Look, I was a bit, umm, agitated when I wrote that post. I sourced the road bike adapter from the USA and all is now very good with the bag, despite the fact that I’m not convinced the way the bars are packed is that great as they will rub on the frame. But the adapters are now obtainable in Australia. The distributor tells me they ordered 200! In Sydney you can make contact with Velosophy to order. See you at TDU12.

When riding in a group, it really is your job to preserve an eye on the bike in front of you, whilst sometimes checking the 1 behind. If you can, it really is a great thought to have communication in between the lead and last bike, that way, if something takes place, the trail bike can make contact with the lead rider quickly. Nevertheless, it really is essential to maintain a affordable distance in between bikes. Assuming that you are going to travel within the specified speed limits, there are going to be other road users who will want to overtake. If you’re bunched up, an overtaking car can lead to critical problems if you have successfully produced one particular elongated car.