Drink And Write Saturday The 14th Laughing Planet, 7 To 9 Pm

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I believe Laughing Planet is great. The price is true for actual meals. You’re getting contemporary food, with actual steamed veggies and distinctive concepts for burritos. I am really stunned that anyone wouldn’t like their non traditional menu. I don’t suppose that $6.50 is pricey for a giant wholesome burrito. Go to a rice and bean shack it you want cheap Mexican.

Ha! Yeah, I don’t plan on quitting my offline job anytime soon or forfeiting my house due to lack of funds. If things get too out of hand, I am going to just ship an interstellar message towards my fleeing troop (utilizing my nifty, excessive-tech beacon) that’s heading right here from the large star Betelgeuse, and inform them bastards to pick me up and discover one other freakin’ planet to inhabit! LOL!

When New Seasons Market arrived on the natural foods scene, many of Portland’s fooodies, yuppies, alties and good previous vogue punks acquired all excited about the new game in town. There’s something a few regionally owned and operated grocery that appeals to the hearts and stomachs of the Seeing Inexperienced leaning individuals of Portlandia. Though the history behind New Seasons is worthy of a web page or two in a enterprise faculty textbook (little retailer gets bought out by huge guys, GNC, then by even greater gals, Wild Oats, and then loses plenty of its followers after which has to shut some shops), its what New Seasons does best that needs to be greatest lesson to the pinstripe world.

Bend’s Laughing Planet occupies the constructing that once belonged to Taylor’s Sausages and, before that, Cheerleaders Grill. A wholesale renovation has given it a far completely different look than its predecessors. The new cafe is spacious (seating about eighty) and minimalist in decor, its most important features being a long financial institution of windows and a six-stool bar beside the counter where orders are taken.