Diving for Carcasses in Coron – History of Meeting Marine Life

Diving for Carcasses in Coron - History of Meeting Marine Life

Wreck diving is basically two achievements in one: underwater diving skills and the achievement of discovering history. On the Philippine islands, Coron offers one of the most unique and tangible experiences to see lush aquatic life with life after death at sea. Forbes magazine even called the island “a world-class dive site”. Only a unique blend of history and sea can create such a beautiful diving experience.

One of the valuable natural tourist destinations in the country

The Municipality of Coron is located on the islands of Busuanga in the province of Palawan, one of the valuable natural tourist destinations in the country – the last edge of virginity of the forest and sea. Sangat Beach is a quiet little place off a rocky beach that serves as a basis for diving shipwrecks. Coron Bay will make many discoveries because the wreck is beautifully covered and protected by the calm sea.

Wreck diving in Coron

The dive guide knows where to find rare animals and will eagerly direct them to you. Shipwrecks are marked with buoys and dives must be planned accordingly. Controlled diving is very important, as well as experienced guides. Wreck diving in Coron is a full day trip, even more, if you plan to see more than one accident.

Historical Japanese Supply Ship

In 1944, about 24 Japanese supply ships had tried to take shelter and take cover on the islands to escape the attacks of US fighter planes. These ships, which were intended to strengthen Japan’s grip on the country, were unfortunately detected by US surveillance or intelligence. The planes from Task Force 38 have succeeded in sinking most of these giant ships. Now they can be admired underwater, where they have been lying for sixty years. Fourteen shipwrecks are known places, and all are in reachable depths. Most are between 100-200 meters. The only flaw can be visibility in many wrecks but this can be predicted by a guide by looking at the moon. This is definitely a journey of a journey.

Today these ships have become coral reefs

Maintaining an impressive and beautiful structure of the marine ecosystem. Life is abundant, with anemones, small fish, stingrays, starfish, and seahorses. So, even if you dive shipwreck externally, it is immeasurable pleasure to see an impressive life that this old giant has attracted.

The Coron submarine dive

It is the perfect place for experienced and sport divers. At least a dozen guides and teachers are in the area, all of whom like the activity and place very much. They offer experienced and traveling knowledge so you can’t help but feel watched and safe. Dive fans call this place a “hidden gem”.

Diving is very good in Coron every day of the year, except of course during rare tropical storms. Conditions are usually best from October to April. All accommodations in Coron are dedicated to divers but the closest resorts in Sangat can provide what you need.

This special dive resort in Coron and Sangat will even pick you up from the ancient airport in Busuanga. Flights from Manila to Busuanga are common, especially during the peak driving season. Coron is just a small city blessed with wide views, both on the water and below. This is definitely a must for experienced divers.