Coming Up With A Theme

Couples RetreatProgram: From newlyweds to empty-nesters, this can be a retreat for married couples of all ages. You will see time to spend as a couple as well as in fellowship, worship, and Bible research with other Christian couples.

Far worse than the movie’s considerably lazy intentions is the blatant product placement. They had to pay for this trip someway. Smack dab in the midst of the movie is a prolonged and jarring scene which can only be explained as a five-minute commercial for Guitar Hero. It serves no objective in the story and doesn’t match something that is happening. I am not even satisfied that it’s directed by Peter Billingsly, who helmed the rest of the movie. It feels like it fell out of a Toys R Us advert and it’s undoubtedly the lowest form of product placement I have ever seen in any film.

Guess the Number Fill a festive jar or one other see by means of container with sweet. Count every bit earlier than putting it in. (May take awhile). At the celebration, have friends attempt to guess how many pieces are inside by writing their answer on a clean slip of paper together with their name. Whoever is the closest to the best quantity wins the container of candy!

Jason and Cynthia announce that they are going to undertake couples remedy at a sumptuous resort known as Eden — fortunately it isn’t the one from 1994’s Exit to Eden, the place Dana Delany was the resident dominatrix and the hapless Dan Aykroyd and Rosie ‘Donnell sported S&M leathers — and they convince their buddies to accompany them, promising that the opposite couples can just chill out.

Dave and Ronnie discuss their inability to go because of childcare obligations and decline the trip. In the middle of the evening, their home safety alarm is activated when Jason reveals up unexpectedly to additional promote the thought of the retreat. The commotion wakes the children, who’ve overheard their mother and father’ conversations of not with the ability to go because of them. Fearing that their mother and father are considering divorce, the youngsters have already arranged for Dave’s father, Grandpa Jim-Jim (performed by Vince Vaughn’s actual-life father, Vernon Vaughn) to babysit so their mother and father can go to Eden.