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Bike TravelIn a post about my trip to Alaska last year, I described how I kept finding myself wanting to ride my bike – but my own bike was all the way back in Ohio. I was able to rent a couple of bikes – but one by no means knows what they are going to get when they rent a bike, assuming rental bikes are even accessible. It was on that trip that I decided I genuinely wanted to get a bike that I could travel with. Following looking into a couple of diverse alternatives, I chose a Bike Friday. Let me tell what possibilities I looked at, and why I chose the Bike Friday.

This heavy-duty case produced with thermoformed ABS plastic, holds any bike frame and a pair of wheels, which includes larger and far more complicated road and mountain bikes, with area leftover for your further gear and tools. It has an Aluminum frame with internal stabilizer that secures and suspends the bike frame to defend it from harm for the duration of transit. Thick and soft, open-cell foam covers the whole inner wall surface for further help. Lock it up with 4 latches, position it employing the four grab handles and use the flip-up manage to assist you roll it to your destination, on four precision ball bearing wheels.

Hmmm, I typically see couples touring with the lady carrying almost everything, even hauling a trailer even though the man often has small or absolutely nothing on his bike. I also almost often notice the man is in front happily riding away even though the lady is way back, not smiling so much… But the rivendell sh is meant for it and it have to feel good to lastly test it out.

The San Juan Island Kayak season has been in full swing and the season has been busy. As a commercial operator that runs tours out of San Juan County Park we have agreed to new terms in our permit that is contact the Kayaker Code of Conduct. This is excellent stewardship info that we pass along to every guest that we take to the park for kayaking. We collect signatures from each and every guest that they have received the information. If you are a kayaker heading out on your personal to San Juan County Park. You will have to pay a fee and listen to a quick presentation just before you can launch from the park.

Self Guided Cycling Tours – are focused on specific destinations and themes. You can proceed at your personal pace following the maps and activities offered – You can combine cycling with horse riding, bushwalking, appreciation of the neighborhood scenery, wining and dining and a huge range of outside activities including cruises and diving on the Fantastic Barrier Reef. Most operators will offer you with all of the equipment you need to have for cycling trip including special cycling maps, GPS and travel guides. All you require to do is pack your lycras, other clothes, a sense of adventure and jump on a plane. The operators will be waiting for you at the airport with everything you need to have for your cycle trip of a lifetime.