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Laughing PlanetIf the town of Portland had to design a burrito, it’d most likely look something like one you would get at Laughing Planet. Creative and typically weird (yet tasty) combinations. Burritos, bowls and quesidillas will be augmented with the addition of organic: tofu, tempeh or chicken. L.P. additionally options delicious smoothies, fresh juices, and lots of vegan baked items. An ideal place when you want one thing healthy and fast.

Laughing Planet’s employees was enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable; I especially appreciated the helpful meals and beverage ordering ideas. The really useful native micro brew (dark porter) and a tough cider paired effectively with our menu selections. The room was light and vivid, the seating snug, the service fast and the decor.. interesting. A number of small dinosaurs lurked right here and there. There should be an fascinating story behind the colorful assortment of reptiles.

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