A Minecraft Family Christmas

Minecraft FamilyA 24-hours, household-friendly Survival server run by mature and pleasant employees. We run a large map with multiple bukkit/customized plugins.

There’s bits of fact in various comments in the thread you’ve linked. The intent right here is that we don’t need individuals buying an account and then sharing it between friends, who should all have their own account. We’ve even seen things like sharing websites, the place they basically hire out accounts, and that’s undoubtedly in opposition to the rules.

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Hmm. Thanks for all of the replies. It seems to me that I could purchase one copy, install it on both PCs, and the home can play as much single player as we want. Nobody would step on anybody’s inventive toes. However until I’m mistaken, taking part in collectively may be out. Even if I get two licenses, I’d nonetheless only have two accounts, and that would mean solely two logons by myself server. So if my son and I began playing together, and then my daughter wanted to modify in, she couldn’t have an original house to create in on the server. That is smart from a security stand point, however bummer for us.