158 Miles 29,000 Vertical Toes 39 Days

Big Creek ExpeditionOur first Expedition Cabin, situated on the banks of Large Creek. Arrive by horseback, on foot, or in a vehicle! The superbly constructed 2BR and 2BA, solar powered log cabin is perfect for small households, couples, and shut buddies.

I reside in Geauga County, Ohio! Chagrin Falls is the nearest town! My house is surrounded by State parks, and forest lands, however properly populated for a rural space! I have encountered these animals 27 instances within the last 35 years as I can recollect! My canine on a number of occasions have been mutilated , and beheaded by what I believe to be Bigfoot creatures! Probably the most terrifying incident with one of many creatures was in 1995! It goes as follows!

Sorry it has taken me so lengthy to respond to your remark. Life has been a bit loopy this last month. I’ve seen all of the exhibits, however haven’t published all my articles on it yet. I did enjoy seeing the documentaries on the skunk ape. Wild man or not, one thing is on the market catching folks’s attention. Only time will tell how many others will start to consider or see one for themselves. I hear the BFRO are already filming a second season. Thanks once more for stopping by.

Eagle Feather (early accounts referred to as him Chief Charley Smith, a name purportedly given to him on the reservation by the U.S. Government and one he had to make use of to gather commodities) led a gaggle of Sioux from the Pine Ridge into Wyoming, now a state for all of 13 years, on a looking expedition, a hunt that had been given permission by Indian agent John R. Brennan. The small band headed for the area of Thunder and Lightning creeks in what’s now Niobrara County Wyoming. The hunter’s accompanied by wives and children shot a couple of deer, sage grouse and antelope as they traveled across the plains, having fun with a style of their old life style.

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