Hawaiian Petroglyphs

Hawaiian IslandsPetroglyphs are prehistoric stone carvings. The word petroglyph comes from the Greek phrases petros, meaning stone, and glyphe, which implies carving. Petroglyphs could be discovered worldwide, the oldest of which could be present in Europe and which date again greater than 10,000 years. The petroglyphs of Hawaii were carved into the mushy pahoehoe lava, large boulders, and lava tube partitions. The pahoehoe lava is the smooth lava that looks like pancake batter. (A’a lava is the rough, sharp, jagged lava.) A few of these petroglyphs are believed so far again to the first settlers of the Hawaiian Islands, around the 4th century AD. They were used as the first technique of written communication. These carvings could be discovered on the entire Hawaiian Islands, in more than one hundred different locations.

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