Parks Worker Assaults Park Officer Over Illegal Vendor Arrest

Hornblower CruiseHornblower’s Voyage To The Falls” Niagara Cruise will take you from the Canadian docks on the base of the Great Gorge, past the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the superior up-close and personal connection with the thundering water, superior power and superb mist of the mighty Horseshoe Falls! Voyage To The Falls departs every 15 minutes and begins early every day with the Early Morning Sunrise Cruise.

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Kevin Keenan, a spokesman for Maid of the Mist, declined to say what number of stepped on in Ontario versus New York, though revealed reports say about forty percent of the company’s passengers originate in the United States (that percentage has elevated because the U.S. has toughened guidelines to cross the border). Morning Cruise: Calm, clear, beautiful day. Followed mating couple with fins/flukes at funny angles. Small group of widespread dolphins and sea lions have been …

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