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Bike TravelI have owned a Honda NSR 125 2002 plate now for about 9 months and carried out a couple of thousand miles so I feel I am pretty effectively experienced on the bike.

This weblog was after about my function as the bicycling photographer, a bit of a freak show in Los Angeles. Now that I am in Portland, there are bikes everywhere. This blog will no doubt take a diverse direction and to be honest I am not quite sure what path that is. I have the challenge of rebuilding a network and my enterprise, of trying to save funds so we can travel again and of re-getting into the workaday world without being consumed by it.

Michael: the lht is a touring bike right? It’s supposed to be perfect for touring and as an all rounder. I ride mine day-to-day and on longer rides and tiny trips, but not so satisfied with it. I also have albatross bars and they are useless for hills! Really unstable so I can not go quickly, and am switching the handlebars this weekend. Are you saying that you are unhappy with the lht? Based on your size, the surly’s just may be as well overbuilt for you which is what I have realized. I require one thing much a lot more refined and light that can also carry loads.

It has a capacity of more than 30 litres but thanks to its roll-up closing program it can retailer a lot far more when you can leave the best unrolled and open. This is something I do for example when I go to the grocery shop at the finish of my cycling day and want to stock up on meals. Simply leave the bag open and just put the strap on best across …

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