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BackpackingTypically when I read information stories about solo hikers who’ve gotten lost or gone lacking, I see many reader comments strongly criticizing the hikers for going alone, saying it was irresponsible.

Four days of strenuous backpacking in good company is okay training for the rigours of the TGO Problem and the Cheese & Wine Get together. Those who successfully accomplished the Daunder (that is all the Daunderers who started) ought to now be totally psychologically ready to face something that Aviemore’s Tesco wine shelf can throw at them. Not sure concerning the cheese although, I would like to hold out more research into Aviemore’s various cheese emporia.

This leads us into the final kind of pillow which is the air crammed pillow. In my view there is nothing worse then a pillow full of air. It provides no help and most often they’ve sharp edges or are manufactured from materials …

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