Say Aloha To Hawaiian Hula Dance

Hawaiian IslandsIn Hawaiian macaroni plate lunch style salad, we do NOT use any pickles or pickle relish; nor do we use vinegar. Vinegar is NOT added to our potato salads either.

Visiting Hawaii was never on my short checklist, however now it’s not on the listing at all! It is unhealthy enough here in Texas with wolf spiders which can be larger than your hand – I truly had one in my apartment that with legs extended was way larger than a large dinner plate – and tree roaches (greater than my automobile) that have claws midway up their legs. There’s extra too, however I will not get into it. Scorpions, snakes, and so forth.

Yikes – we had many centipedes in Tonga. Fortunately I haven’t seen too many right here in Laie the place I live, because I am going bonkers when I see them, they are so huge and scary looking. You reminded me of the day when I introduced the broom in from the again porch and started to comb when one massive centipede got here out of the broom and headed towards me. Loud scream, my hero husband came running and chopped it into little items. Bug spray isn’t so efficient as a giant machete.

An article on Sept. 28 about Lanai, an island owned by Larry Ellison, misidentified the source of a complaint by a senior vice president of Pulama Lanai, the administration company set up to oversee the island’s transformation. She was complaining a couple …

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