African Safari Travel - Luxury Tented Camps

African Safari Travel – Luxury Tented Camps

African safari adventures are a lifelong dream for many people. There’s something about magnificent landscapes and wide open, infinite horizons, experiencing wildlife in their own habitat, which captures the imagination and changes your perspective on life. Names such as the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, conjured up visions of many herds of large-scale migrations in the plains, interspersed with thorns chiselled or twisted and dramatic skies.

One of the most authentic ways to experience an African safari trip, is to stay in a luxury camp, where only a canvas layer separates you from wild rhythms. Looking up at the starry night sky and hearing the sounds of distant lions, or snoring snoring like frogs as they pass through the camp, gives you the sensation of being united with the environment. In a luxury camp, you can enjoy closeness to nature without having to bother him. Hot water, showers, comfortable beds, and fantastic food under the stars are produced easily in a camp on a hillside overlooking a wide plain, or in the shade of a jackalberry tree with a view of the stands from a watering hole.

Some luxury tent tents offer nostalgic re-creations in the early days of safari, set tables with fine silver and crystal, provide brass lamps and washbasins, and perfect service. You can imagine yourself as an early explorer discovering this landscape for the first time, when you turn off all electronic gadgets, pull out zones from the 21st century, just listen to the sounds of the natural world and relax. Other camps create modern vernacular safaris, with sleek designs combined with natural materials and a little luxury to pamper your senses.

From a conservation point of view, these tent camps leave very light footprints and in some cases can be moved to other sites every month …

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How to Protect Your Skin From Windburn

How to Protect Your Skin From Windburn

Many people who are attracted to the outdoor activities or riding motorcycles are surprised when they realize they have become a victim of windburn. Thinking that they are safe from the sun as it is cloudy, cold and no longer in the middle of summer, they do not take the same steps needed as when they go into the sun.

The cause of windburn is primarily due to the removal of essential oils called lipids, which normally help to protect your skin from UV rays. When the wind is strong it removes these oils, and exposes your skin to harsh conditions. Skin irritation and redness can occur very quickly, especially in conditions where the UV is magnified. Locations such as in the snow fields, or in the water at the beach, can all cause the UV rays to quickly affect the sensitive areas of your skin such as on the cheeks or lips. Remember that even with cloud cover, UV rays can readily penetrate through and affect your skin in cold weather.

To prevent this from occurring, the use of sunscreen is still preferred since it is readily available and consumer are more likely to have some lying around. Some experts recommend replacing the natural oils that is produced by the body with other products. However, research has shown that if the incorrect oil is used, it may even accelerate the rate at which the skin burns. Before going out, try not to shave as shaving will also remove that layer of vital oils around the neck and face.

So what can you do once you have windburn? It is generally recommended to apply some ointment to sooth the skin, such as Aloe Vera or moisturizing jelly. Stay away from oils that can further cause burning to the skin. As …

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Auckland Natural Attractions and Things to Do

Auckland Natural Attractions and Things to Do

An increasingly popular international visitor destination, New Zealand has much to offer every category of traveller, with perhaps the best-served those looking for outdoor activities amongst some of the most spectacular and varied scenery on the planet. Both North and South Islands have their gems, with cosmopolitan Auckland, the main point of arrival for most tourists, surrounded by natural beauty, beaches, rugged coastlines and lush agricultural interiors.

The lively city and its surroundings offer a wide choice of activities to visitors, easily accessed form any Auckland hotel set in the downtown area or the suburbs. Along the peninsula within an hour’s drive of the city are no less than 100 beautiful beaches, ranging from secluded coves, to rugged rocky bays and sandy strands, each with its favourite water sports including sea kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. Many have beachside cafes and bars, with sunbathing and snoozing also popular! Car hire is useful if beaches are your thing, as bus travel to the more remote beaches can be unreliable.

Sports here are a major leisure occupation, whether active or passive. The city’s gyms and fitness centres welcome visitors, and cycling, jogging or just walking along the gloriously scenic coastal trails is a great way to stay fit while on holiday. Other options include golf, with several fine courses locally available, yachting, white-water rafting and fishing. Less active but no less enjoyable is a visit to Eden Park Outer Oval Stadium for one of its regular Test cricket matches. Rugby, both league and union, has a huge following in Auckland, with matches taking place every week in several of the city’s stadiums.

Boating, swimming with dolphins on guided trips and fishing are activities easily arranged at Waitemata harbour, and extreme outdoor sports such as mountaineering, caving, abseiling, bungee jumping, skydiving, …

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A Honeymoon to Cambodia - A Journey to Recall a Country to Fall in Really like With

A Honeymoon to Cambodia – A Journey to Recall a Country to Fall in Really like With

Cambodia is actually a fantastic nation to discover with its exotic architecture, popular temples and wealthy cultural heritage. What could be far more romantic then seeing the sun rise over the distinctive towers of Angkor Wat or watching the sunset cast a golden glow on on the list of imposing faces of Bayon? With its fascinating fusion of culture and world-class resorts Cambodia provides a exceptional destination for luxury honeymoons.

The town of Siem Reap is often a draw for a lot of guests with its close proximity to the iconic Angkor complex. Stated to become the world’s largest religious monument Angkor Wat is definitely an impressive and architecturally wonderful temple definitely worth a stop by. Yet another prominent temple is Ta Prohm, generally known as the jungle temple, since substantial trees have sprung out of its ruins.

The sombre and imposing faces of your Bayon are also one of Angkor’s recognisable highlights, as would be the gated entrances for the walled capital of Angkor Thom. Siem Reap is usually a fascinating and fascinating place to discover sure to make your honeymoon much more memorable.

Stay in elegant style at one of Siem Reap’s newest boutique hotels, Heritage Suites. Uniquely decorated having a blend of Art Deco and Asian themes the luxury villas are constructed about a traditional village model and nestle within a tropical garden. Decorated with oriental furnishings, wooden and bamboo surfaces and sympathetic lighting the villas supply an authentic and romantic really feel.

The bathrooms are a highlight on the Heritage Suites resort comprising of an oversized bathtub match for two and also a walled garden with an open air shower. Opt for the Bungalow Suites to have the added luxury of a private steam area or the Angkor Suites for the private Jacuzzi. Delight …

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Export und Import aus China

Chinas Wirtschaft hat sich in den letzten Jahren gut entwickelt und ist damit einer der größten Märkte der Welt. China exportiert Elektronik, Mineralien, Erze, Chemikalien, Fahrzeuge und vieles mehr. Dies bedeutet, dass der Export von Waren aus China nach Europa für den globalen Markt wichtig geworden ist. Deshalb suchen europäische Unternehmen immer nach dem schnellsten und kostengünstigsten Weg, um Waren aus China zu exportieren.

Export und Import aus China

Geschichte des Warentransports nach und von China

Vom 2. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Bis zum 18. Jahrhundert war China über ein Handelsstraßennetz mit dem Rest der Welt verbunden, das “Die Seidenstraße” genannt wurde. Die Seidenstraße wurde so benannt, dass sie in erster Linie zur Lieferung der begehrten, seltenen und teuren Seide diente. Es umfasste zu dieser Zeit mehrere Strecken durch große Städte, einschließlich des Nahen Ostens und Westasiens, Zentralasiens, Südasiens, Koreas und Japans. Der Zusammenbruch des Safawidenreiches in den 1720er Jahren führte jedoch zu einer Störung der Seidenverteilung.

Die Seidenstraße in der Neuzeit

Seit 1966 wurden die Verbindungen zwischen der chinesischen Eisenbahn und anderen Ländern verstärkt, und 2013 hat der chinesische Präsident einen Plan namens “Belt and Road Initiative” ausgearbeitet, um eine neue, moderne Seidenstraße vollständig zu bauen. Die letzte Verbindung auf dieser neuen Seidenstraße wurde 1990 zwischen China und Kasachstan bei Alashan Kou hergestellt. Heute verkehren Züge von China nach Deutschland, Großbritannien, Russland, Polen, Italien und Frankreich. Alle Unternehmen, die sich mit Ladungssendungen befassen, nutzen die Straße für Bahnfracht aus China.

Die Kosten für den Schienenverkehr

Sie müssen sich denken, das ist verrückt. Dies ist das 21. Jahrhundert, wir liefern Pakete über die Luft, über das Meer. Warum sollte ich den Schienenverkehr nutzen? Es ist langsam und umständlich und muss ziemlich teuer sein. Nun, es stellt sich heraus, dass die Kosten für den Schienengüterverkehr viel niedriger sind als für den Versand per Flugzeug oder Schiff. …

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