Taste the Shopping Streets of Mumbai

If you are looking forward to do some sort of shopping that too in another city then you must check out street shopping in Mumbai. The city is packed with plenty of market streaks satisfying the shopping pallets of people. If you have been in Goa all your life and want to do some sort of different shopping now then this commercial capital of India won’t disappoint you.

Before you imagine the exotic outfit and stunning accessories that you would buy; check out the cheapest Goa to Mumbai Flights for your visit. You would surely be beguiled by the options on the plate of markets in Mumbai. Have a walk through some of the places of Mumbai that are absolutely popular for street shopping.

Fashion Street

Fashion Street is one of the largest shopping destinations in Mumbai having over one hundred fifty shops on the street.  The zone promises you more products than any huge mall can cater. The shopping area is famous for latest fashion and trendy accessories. You can even get designer brands at this place that too at reasonable prices. It is a characteristically vibrant flea market packed with people all the time. The street is more than just a casual market and you should brush up your   bargain skills before you go there as the shopkeepers do ask for higher prices to people who appear to be new in the area.

Colaba Causeway

Taste the Shopping Streets of Mumbai

Colaba Causeway is a way that houses ancient buildings from the eras of the British rule and has everything that you can ask for. Right from reasonable street clothes to chic boutiques, this spot has something for all types of pockets, and the diversity of products available at this place is vast.  You can get some wonderful products at off-the-cuff prices by bargaining at this place.  Be it shopping buds or the pallet cravings; you can easily get everything that you might be seeking here.

 Linking Road

Taste the Shopping Streets of Mumbai

It would be true to accept that Linking Road has been a famous shopping destination in city since ages and has experienced rapid expansion beyond the initial market area.  The place is really is a heaven for shoppers having every kind of budget, ranging right from bargain worthy street store to niche fashion sprees. Apart from shopping, the entire experience is improved by the huge number of food places around and the nearness to Bandstand and even Carter Road that are spots worth visiting.

Hill Road

Taste the Shopping Streets of Mumbai

Hill Road market is snuggled really close to Bandra railway station and is cloaked with tiny shops and street side stalls that vend almost every kind of fashion accessory you can think of.  It is a lengthy stretch of road, so it is much better to wear comfortable shoes or sandals while visiting and the most convenient time to do shopping here is during the evening hours. You can come across different types of clothe items here and various accessories but before you buy them; have a good look at them.

Thus, experience the shopping vibes of Mumbai. Do book Goa to Mumbai Flights for your nearing trip to this city.